Seed — Hymns For A New Age

The newest album by Marc Allen & Sky Canyon

Eveningsong — Songs of Love and Moon-Filled Nights


By Marc Allen and Sky Canyon

Eveningsong features the best of Marc Allen’s love songs. With vocals and keyboards by Marc and exquisite vibraphone by Sky Canyon, these are love songs like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


“O Mistress Mine” (available to listen to just below) features the words of Shakespeare, “Per de Per de Prajtina” is a Gypsy love charm set to music — and beware, because singing the chant has been known to attract lovers! 

O Mistress Mine - Marc Allen and Sky Canyon
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Marc says,


"Eveningsong was recorded late at night, and is best listened to and enjoyed after dark. Turn down the lights, relax, and prepare yourself for a musical experience like no other."