Marc Allen

Marc Allen has had a multi-faceted career. He studied music as a child, and began composing at age 16. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Minnesota in 1968, with a degree in Theatre Arts and English Literature. He worked as an actor and composer, then spent most of his twenties studying yoga, Eastern philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism.


In 1977, he co-founded New World Library with Shakti Gawain. Since 1986, he has guided the company as President and Publisher, producing bestsellers including Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization, Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Marc is the author of several books, including Visionary Business: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Success and The Magical Path.


He is a co-artist and composer on Breathe and Petals, and he’s produced three solo instrumental albums, Quiet Moments, Solo Flight, and Awakening (produced by Janet Stark), and two vocal albums, Seeds (spiritual music) and Eveningsong (romantic music).


He is the proud father of his son, Kai, and lives in Novato, California.

Sky Canyon

Sky Canyon has been a multi-instrumental professional musician, composer and producer for 50 years, performing and recording most notably on vibraphone, drums and percussion. His work encompasses numerous genres including jazz, rock, country, classical and ambient/world music.


In 1980, Sky co-founded and was President of Rising Sun Records, growing it to international distribution and licensing in just a few years. He is an artist, composer and producer on a number of the label’s bestselling albums including Breathe, Petals and Summer Suite, and subsequently released his solo CD, Immersion.


Sky was President and Publisher of New World Library from 1979-85, building the company from startup to international success as the publisher of a number of international bestselling titles including Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization and Dr. Don Ardell’s 14 Days To A Wellness Lifestyle.


For over 30 years, Sky has been a business coach to entrepreneurs, companies and creative artists, with a focus on management, startups, financial and strategic planning, marketing and product development. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife of 38 years and continues to play and produce.

Robert Powell

Robert Powell plays a variety of stringed instruments and is known internationally for his distinctive approach to the pedal steel guitar. As a musician, songwriter and producer Robert has worked with many diverse artists from around the world as well as having composed soundtracks for film, television and multi-media. His past projects include work with Ustad Salamat Ali Kahn, Sachiko, and Titos Sompa. Through his work with Amnesty International he has produced and recorded with many artists including Peter Gabriel, John Lee Hooker, and Jackson Browne.


Robert currently performs with a variety of San Francisco-based bands and produces artists in his home recording studio. He lives in Fairfax, California, with his wife.

Dallas Smith

Born in Columbus, Georgia, Dallas Smith began his musical studies in the 6th grade on a song flute. His talent was obvious from this young age, and he studied clarinet with George Cardino through high school. 

A scholarship student at Florida State University, Dallas studied with Harry Schmidt until he took a year abroad to study languages in Germany. Once there, he remained abroad, spending one year in Germany and subsequent years in Sweden and Afghanistan. During these years, three critical musical milestones occurred for Dallas: He began playing the flute, moved over to the jazz world, and began his love affair with East Indian Classical music on the Bansuri, the bamboo flute. 

Upon returning to the U.S., he moved to San Rafael, California, to study with Indian Music masters Ali Akbar Khan and G.S. Sachdev, and jazz saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis. 

Venturing into the world of jazz, world music, and fusion, Dallas has performed around the world, becoming known as the finest woodwind performer to achieve virtuosity in each of his musical passions. 

Dallas is also a pioneer in the performance and development of the electronic wind synthesizer, having naturally expanded his interest to the newer technologies that have allowed him to move around all musical genres with unprecedented creativity and expertise. Dallas’s melding of East Indian, jazz, and classical music make both his performance and compositions refreshing and enticing.

In 1984, Dallas recorded his first solo album, Stellar Voyage, and collaborated with Susan Mazer on her first album, The Fire in the Rose. He has performed with Ahmad Jamal, Steven Halpern, Zakir Hussein, and other musical greats that cover the landscape of contemporary instrumental music. 

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Our Beginnings

Watercourse Media is in part a re-issue label for some of the best titles from Rising Sun Records, a pioneering record company established in 1980. 

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Sky Canyon & Marc Allen